When it comes to which lenses to choose, there are a lot of things to consider.

Please feel free to read through the various options, or drop in and we would be more than happy to help!


Digital Lens Designs


While most traditional lenses are made using a dated, abrasive grinding process, digital lenses are manufactured using precise laser technology. The result? Lenses that are nearly six times more clear than traditional ones, with enhanced nighttime vision and peripheral vision.


Available in 3 different strengths, this digital single vision lens is designed with a small magnified power on the bottom of the lens to help alleviate symptoms of Digital Eye Strain (DES).

This small boost of power helps to relax the focusing muscles in the eyes while looking at up-close objects or reading, without compromising any of the normal distance prescription. Great for those who are not quite ready for a full progressive lens, or those struggling with DES symptoms.

Computer Progressive

Unlike standard progressive lenses, computer progressives give you a lot more focusing area for computer distance and reading. With three different lens designs available, you can choose which area in your lenses you would like to have the widest possible vision for; your general work area that allows you to still have the widest vision for computer and near, while still allowing you visual clarity for a short distance away from your monitor; your computer screen (ideal for those who have dual monitors); or your desk workspace (ideal for those who work much more in near work like reading/writing).


This single vision lens has been specially designed for optimal vision for low-light and nighttime driving. With its Contrast-Enhancing Filter, contrast and colour-perception are GREATLY improved, along with enhanced glare reduction.


Progressive Lens Designs


Progressive lenses have prescriptions for distance, intermediate and near vision. This means you’ll be able to see objects up close, objects that aren’t too far away, as well as objects that are far away. You also don’t see a line across them between this vision areas making them quite stylish.


100% personalized progressive lens that considers your lifestyle, as well as the prescription and lens measurements to ensure the best possible vision. During the production of this lens, the lab uses Integrated Dual Side Optics (iDS) to surface both the back and front side of the lens, reducing the amount of blur and distortion in the peripheral vision. With Binocular Harmonization Technology (BHT), this lens accommodates for the left and right eye prescriptions to ensure your eyes work together and are balanced.

iDLifestyle 3 Progressive

3 different lens design variations to match your personal lifestyle, this progressive lens ensures superior vision for your day-to-day life. With Integrated Dual Surface Design (iDS) and Binocular Harmonization Technology (BHT) this lens ensures the least amount of peripheral distortion and the best vision balance between both eyes.

Indoor – designed for patients who want the most from their near and intermediate vision.

Urban – designed for patients who are on the go, but also want to be able to see up-close and on digital devices.

Outdoor – designed for patients who want the most from their distance vision, while not having to completely compromise their digital devices and reading.


Providing wider, more stable viewing areas in the lens, this progressive design ensures vision balance between left and right eyes with Binocular Harmonization Technology (BHT). With larger lens cut-outs, this is the ideal progressive lens for larger, more modern frames.


This progressive lens has been specially designed for optimal peripheral distance vision and dashboard vision. With its Contrast-Enhancing Filter, contrast and colour-perception are GREATLY improved, along with enhanced glare reduction.


Lens Treatment


A lens treatment is a special additive that either bonds with the lens, or is built into the eyeglass lenses themselves during the lens manufacturing process.

Below are some of the treatments we offer on our glasses

A premium lens coating that filters out blue light given off by electronic screens by both absorbing and reflecting blue light. Especially recommended for patients who spend a lot of time in front of computers or cellphones and who may suffer from Digital Eye Strain. This lens coating also includes the best scratch resistant coating available for plastic, as well as an anti-glare coating, smudge-resistance, water-resistance, and dust-resistance.

Super HiVision

Our most popular anti-glare coating with hydrophobic coating for water-repelling. Also includes scratch-resistance, smudge-resistance, and improved night time driving.

A super premium lens coating with the best anti-glare technologies available on the market. This lens coating has a supreme scratch-resistant technology that out-performs glass! It also includes improved night time vision with the anti-glare properties, smudge-resistance, water-resistance, and dust-resistance.

A basic scratch-resistant coating for your lenses to help protect against minor wear.

These types of lenses are light-reactive lenses. This is especially for you if you’re light-sensitive or worried about UV protection. A photochromic lens will automatically change from clear to coloured when outside, exposed to UV light, and protect your eyes from UV rays. This lens is available in both Sensity and Transitions® from Hoya.

Add some flare to your photochromic lenses by getting the Sensity Shine option. This photochromic lens not only changes colour outside and gives you full UV protection, it also includes a mirrored coating that is more intense outside in the sun, and more subtle when indoors and clear.


If you’re looking for something different, you can also add a bit of colour to your transitions aside from the classic brown, green, and grey.


Available in sapphire and amethyst, Transitions® will give your glasses that little bit of extra style!

Sensity Sensity-Dark

The newest photochromic option is a photochromic Dark – this photochromic lens will darken when exposed to extra light, not just UV light. This is great for people who want their lenses to go as dark as possible when outside, as well as darken a small amount when inside their vehicle, where normal photochromic lenses would not turn colour due to the UV being blocked by the windshield. This lens is available in both Sensity and Transitions® from Hoya.

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